Hey! I’m Timothy Malcolm, a travel and experiences writer out of the Hudson Valley of New York.

Find out more about me and my writing at my writing website, tsmalcolm.com.

MalcolmOut is my way of capturing travel as a poetic experience. I’ll share life as I experience it – whether I revisit Nebraska or stay near my home in Tarrytown, New York, this site will attempt to show how going out can make for positive change.

You’ll get:

  • Outs: I’ll writing about what I saw out, sharing my experiences as they happen. Quick hits, nothing definitive but definitely usable!
  • Wayouts: Everything from restaurants to breweries to hangouts to ballparks. More detailed pieces where I share experiences and necessary info.
  • Travel Guides: The MalcolmOut Great Travel Guides are designed to be definitive summaries of places to visit. I’ll create and add to them on a rolling basis.
  • Elsewhere: I write for a variety of publications (doing reviews, event previews, guides, etc.); here, I’ll let you know what I did and link you to it.

Plus photos, video, maps and a bunch more.

Email: tsmalcolm@gmail.com

Twitter: @timothymalcolm

Instagram: @tsmalcolm

On social I use #MalcolmOut with all experiences!

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